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About Wild Wagon Co

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Wild Wagon Co is a design studio based in Auckland, New Zealand founded by Cristina Viscu. Together with her husband Eugen, developer and digital enthusiast, they run the business from their home studio in the heart of Auckland.

Wild Wagon Co’s vision has been defined by the places Cristina has have lived. Born and raised in Chisinau, Moldova, Cristina moved to Nashville,TN where she got her BFA in Fine Arts and then made her way to NYC to pursue fashion photography. It wasn’t until Cristina moved to Auckland together with her husband Eugen, that she began working towards developing a line of lifestyle products.

Wild Wagon Co has an aesthetic of an eclectic traveller, with an emphasis on practicality and simplicity. Wild Wagon Co is highly inspired by nomadic lifestyles and travel which has been the most inspiring factor in creating this brand.

We are dedicated to designing and bringing products that will make your style and space spark a simple, creative lifestyle.

As the brand continues to grow, we look forward to developing new products. We hope you can identify with our vision and our products.

Stay wild,
Wild Wagon Co