Finding Authenticity in Your Decor and Style

Do you go the extra mile to source out creative ideas or do you settle for the first thing you find in bulk? For those of you who value an authentic voice and your own identity, purchasing mass produced art is simply a shortcut to home decorating.

Why mass-produced art makes your décor uninspiring and how to go original instead

Your home reflects your own tastes and histories. And actually, people notice and appreciate your style more than the others’ because it’s unique, authentic, and inspired.

All Natural Easter Egg Dye with Botanical Prints

When I was about nine years old my great grandmother used to send me out to pick the prettiest leaves and herbs. I would carefully stack them in my palm and run back to show my findings with pride.

FYI: For Your Inspiration

This podcast is probably the first podcast that emotionally overwhelmed me from the first episode. It is powerful and humble and I absolutely love Guy Raz for always asking the right questions.

Inspired by Emerald Green

We were slipping into spring and light pink shades were all around Auckland. Summer is just picking up in New Zealand but I’m falling for deep emerald greens with texture.