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Inspired by Emerald Green

We were slipping into spring and light pink shades were all around Auckland. Summer is just picking up in New Zealand but I’m falling for deep emerald greens with texture.

Finding inspiration in Moldova

It’s equally easy to get inspired by things we do understand and don’t understand. Moldovan traditions, rituals, folk tales and songs is what I grew up with.

Early Spring Inspiration

Spring is on us and I’ve been quite obsessed with pinks and blushes lately. You know you’re into something when you actually dedicate it an entire board on Pinterest.

8 Reasons Why Stationery Makes a Great Gift

Why stationery makes a memorable gift If you’re like most of us, connecting online is the easiest way to keep in touch with your friends and relatives. Actually finding the time to meet between work, school, and other social dates is a bit more difficult. And choosing the right gift for all your contacts? Near…

Curating your space

A home rarely feels like home until you bring objects of emotional value, attachment, history with you. The moment your home becomes decorated with memorabilia it starts to reflect your personality, style and vision. Collection Curating and collecting art can show a person’s status, taste and personality. It can be a hobby or part of…