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Mother’s Day DIY Flower Bouquet in a vase


This Mother’s Day we’re bringing you an exciting DIY that won’t leave any mother untouched! Bring your own look, pick your own colours or combine some of your mum’s favourite flowers by following a few tips and tricks in this post. We’ve brought on the flower whisperer Elena of FLWR, the owner of Auckland-based flower studio specialising in bespoke bouquets, floral arrangements for weddings and special occasions. She showed us what can be done on a flexible budget with a bit of advice from her extensive experience.

What you will need:

A range of flowers (3-4 bunches)

A handfull of leafy stems




Step One: Decide on budget and vessel

First things first, decide on the budget and size of your project. We’ve put together this DIY so you can show up bright eyed to your mum’s house, brunch or wherever your spirit calls for a celebration with a vase full of hand picked and arranged blooms. For this tutorial we’ve used this Kmart Vase which retails at $9 and is a pretty great bargain. If you’re looking to go up or down with your budget, we suggest having a browse down the internet isles or hitting your local op shop for a score. Look for a wider vase opening if you’re feeling like mum would love a big hearty bouquet or a narrow vase for an elegant bunch. Up to you!

Step Two: Gather your Materials

Now that you’ve decided on your budget and vase, time to pick up a few bunches and tape. Floral pot tape is something you can look into purchasing or alternatively some other strong tape that can be cut into .5cm strips will do.


Step Three: Picking the right flowers

Now while putting this DIY together I’ve had a lengthy chat with Elena of FLWR about what to pick flowers and to my surprise and delight, she encouraged the idea of complete (!) artistic freedom. You can combine spray roses with other flowers and greenery in bigger bouquets for a thick and lush appearance. Combine flowers of different size and for extra details add (foraged) berries or small fruit. Don’t hesitate to ask when the flowers were delivered, the stems and leaves should have a bright green, lush appearance. If shopping for roses the buds should stand upright and not feel soft to the touch.

The Assembly

  • Using your tape create a grid on top of the vase that will serve as a base for your bouquet. Aim to have .5mm strips two fingers apart.
  • Start with big leafy stems for your base. Focus on grouping of the same sort rather than clumping together different stems to avoid a cluttered look.
  • Add on one flower type at a time starting with the flowers with harder stems working your way down to delicate. This hierarchy will help you keep the more delicate flowers safe from breaking or damaging in case you need to rearrange your bouquet.
  • Try to create various height and volume by trimming and arranging the flowers at different angles. This will give your arrangement a natural look.
  • Most of all have fun! Put on your favourite album, get your DIY apron on and unleash that inner DIY queen (or king)! We’d love to see images of what you come up with.

Where to buy flowers

Last but not least we recommend hitting up your local dairy for a scout, your (or your friend’s or neighbour’s) backyard for some foraged leafy stems and berries. If you’re living in Auckland Farro will often have a nice selection of flower bunches that you can get creative with.



Thank you Elena!