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Our Top 5 Christmas Gifts for the Style Lovers

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Christmas is just around the corner! You might still be ticking a few boxes on your to-do list and scouring the market for the best presents, but not to worry; Wild Wagon has your back. We’ve rounded up the store’s favourites in our Christmas Gift Guide to help you wrap (and stocking-stuff) the best gifts, from the homemaker to the impeccably stylish, bringing you ease while you make that last-minute shopping.

There will always be that friend who stands out with her style. She’s fashion forward, a bold explorer of colours, quite savvy when it comes to putting together looks that you’d never think will work. These fashionista females can be hard to gift – what can you give someone who is picky with their style choices? Luckily, we’re carrying items that are sure-to-delight any fashionista.

Here are our Top 5 Gifts that your stylish friend will truly adore!

Crescent Hoop Earrings

925 silver plated in 14k gold, these chic, oversized earrings may just be the thing to complete any holiday outfit. Instead of dragging the lobes, these earrings are very light to wear, so your friend can focus on their perfect Christmas wardrobe other than anything else. This lovely pair can adorn slinky dresses and even a casual wardrobe – a style staple that your friend will never know they’ll need in their jewellery box!

Quilted Velvet Clutch in Vintage Red

The colour of Christmas, in one classy, velvety clutch. This handy little purse is perfect for stashing your favourite items in one place before tucking them in your luggage. Charmingly quilted and finished off with a smooth, padded surface, it’s the best way to keep your delicate items organized. The grey tassel on its zipper adds a nice touch any style enthusiast will love!

Ribbon Scrunchie Set

A set of three dapper scrunchies made to tie the hair with an added twist. Made from 100% cotton, these hair accessories is the perfect way to keep the hair of her face with an cute twist. Perfect for the young and young-at-heart, this nice set is an awesome stocking-stuffer and can be used (and reused) along with many fashionable looks.

Bees Brilliance Beauty Mist

Let her stay beautiful throughout the day. From the well-loved organic brand Cropps, Bees Brilliance is a beauty pick-me-upper, hydrating the skin while restoring its natural balance and radiance. This handy mist is packed with many botanical ingredients, including Aloe Vera, which soothes the skin; Witch Hazel, which tones the pores and preps it up for makeup; and a secret element called Chiwi 8 Complex, which can be traced back to the ancient world of Traditional Chinese Medicine, preventing one’s skin from premature aging. Slip it into a bag give her the gift of beauty in a bottle!

Duo Cuff Bracelet

A beautifully-bent cuff in a curvy silhouette, sitting nicely on her arm and sparking inspiration in any wardrobe. This minimalist piece is made from 14k gold-plated brass and can be paired with other accessories for that extremely modern look.

Five amazing gifts for the chic and stylish. Give one or give all – she’ll definitely appreciate each of these thoughtful presents!