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Sending Christmas Cards? Don’t forget to include these people


Who doesn’t love Christmas cards? It’s always a thrill to get holiday tidings from friends and family, may they be near or abroad. As a regular holiday custom, this has been something we all look forward to. Because other than reading their wishes, it reminds us that we belong to a circle. That we are love. Other than that, It builds bridges. It reconnects us to our relatives from far, far away as if we never lost touch. Christmas cards have some sort of magic that rekindles old relationships and start a new ones.

After all, Christmas card is more than a regular stationery. There’s something heartwarming about handwritten notes, like your grandma’s perfect cursive script, or your cousin’s irregular scribbles. It brings back memories when you wrote letters yourself; times when everything was personalised and created with love. Who wouldn’t love to receive holiday greetings from abroad? Each foreign stamp carries an invisible kiss, letting you feel you are loved and remembered despite the distance. Christmas cards wash away the coldness of digital, typewritten emails. It is a valuable art that comes back particularly at this time of the year.

This year, it’s time to bring back this delightful tradition. Start with your family. Now, roll up your sleeves and list down their names. Start from parents and siblings. It doesn’t matter if they live a couple of blocks, three provinces or an entire continent away. Let them know how much you think of them during the holidays. Write to your sister who has been your best friend growing up. Or to your older brother who just got hitched. Be creative! Write as if you’re speaking to them, bring back the memories of the good old days when you were together as kids, making victories and blunders in the same house.

It doesn’t stop there; now it’s time to move on to the rest of your kin. How about your grandfather who used to take you fishing? Or your aunt who loved dressing you up? How about that nerdy uncle who always talks to you about space and science and Star Wars? Oh, and don’t exclude that older cousin who used to tease you. After all, Christmas is all about sharing love, joy, and peace.

Don’t be afraid of stocking on Christmas cards. There is always a reason why you should buy Christmas stationery, even if it exceeds the number of names in your list. Personalised holiday greetings are not just exclusively meant for your family and closest friends. There are people in our day to day lives that we tend to overlook, those who never fail to lend us a hand and make our daily lives better. If you bought a boxed set and have cards left over, don’t fret! There’s so many people you could bring joy to with a card! If you feel like you need some inspiration pick me up, read our post about How to Send Beautiful Mail.

Wondering whom to send Christmas cards next? How about your next-door neighbour who is always ready to lend you some tools? Or the co-worker who sits beside you? Think about your coffee shop barista who preps your daily flat white, your mailman, and your dog walker. And the list doesn’t stop there. Remember you high school best friend, your dog’s vet or your mom’s physical therapist!

There are so many people whom you could send holiday greetings to; and guess what? There’s never too many Christmas cards to buy and give out! Take time in writing personalised messages. Nothing beats a well-thought-of, genuine tiding that comes from the heart. Our tip? If sending overseas from New Zealand allow at least 2 weeks for the cards to get to the recipients.

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