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Blue Horses

Gift Wrap


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Go back to those magical days at the carnival when you stopped and looked at the grand carousel, all lit with dazzling amber lights. Pastel coloured ponies prance around, each carrying a delightful rider as it goes up and down. Carved floral patterns accentuate the entire structure, adding more of the whimsy to the already-marvellous sight. Oh, what fun were those days!

Gifting such a wonderful memory might cost you tons of money, but not with this designer gift wrap. Clad in bright blue pastel paper, handsome steeds rise up to welcome you with glee. Bright pink and orange hues make this illustration all the more merry; add to that the dazzling crown and a garland of wintry white bedecked upon the crest. Each horse is dressed to a tee with a floral embroidered saddle, like a royal companion ready to oblige you for a ride.

Elaborate and elegant, this celebration gift wrap is perfect for any kind of gifting needs: whether it is for a child’s birthday, your daughter’s graduation, your best friend’s promotion, or even gifting for no reason at all! This modern take on the classic floral-ethnic design will surely sweep hearts and imagination; top it off with designer made card for the perfect surprise! To view more gift wrapping sheets like these, have fun browsing through our store.


46 x 70cm


Made in NZ

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