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Folk Butterflies

Gift Wrap


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Ever admired the fluttering frenzy of colourful butterflies hovering in the air? Well, now you can admire them for a time, without the fear of scaring these magnificent winged creatures away. This lovely designer gift wrap features these bright-coloured beauties flocking over a present, and they’re going to stay there for a long time — that is, before the wrapper gets torn away for the owner to view the gift with a relish.

Two dazzling butterfly species brighten up this unique gift wrap. The first: a mysterious black beauty with ethnic orange florals and bright yellow embellishments. The second: a blue-and-yellow creature with colorful garlands stretched out on its wing. Both species, are magically endowed with floral designs and a sweet, ethnic folk design.

This intricately illustrated piece is a perfect item to match gifts for butterfly fans and nature enthusiasts. You know them by heart — they are people with old souls, always on the lookout for nature’s small surprises: from the first shoots of spring, to the beautiful foliage of green trees in the summer. Complete your well-thought-of present by enveloping it in a well-thought-of wrapping sheet found nowhere else in New Zealand.

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46 x 70cm


Made in NZ

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