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Pink Birds

Gift Wrap


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Summer is forever — at least, in this designer gift wrap. Hold on to the hot, happy days when you're outside, enjoying the warm kiss of the wind and the tickling sensation of the powdery sands at the beach. This is the season to make memories: campfire with friends, a tour to the local safari, or just hanging around, eating your favourite fruits while letting the time pass by. After all, it's not exactly about the location; it's who you are with, and how they made you feel you are special.

Send out a gift to those amazing people who made you feel you belong. And to solve all your wrapping paper needs, why not pick this gorgeously illustrated pink gift wrap, complete with your favourite summer things? A cat on the prowl, a slice of watermelon, some juicy strawberries, lemon for your lemonade and a smart yellow bird that resembles your friend's pet parrot! Bright red and orange leaves gild up the entire design, bringing you back to the days when leaves fall and flutter down from the giant trees overhead.

A special wrapping paper for a special gift, made for a special person. Complete your present by topping off with an illustrated card and a little handwritten note of appreciation. Your friends will love every thought that goes with it.


46 x 70 cm


Made in NZ

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