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The Shuckleferry | Oyster Farm

Mahurangi Oyster Farm

In April and I surprised Eugen with a trip to a local oyster farm, Mahurangi Oysters. I booked our tour one week in advance. When we arrived the hosts, Lisa & Andrew, were waiting for us on The Shuckleferry. It was a sunny fall afternoon when we set off to see how oysters are farmed. Lisa and Andrew told us the story of their family business together with the ups and downs. They welcomed us with true New Zealand hospitality and answered all the question we had.

During this two hour farm tour you will learn how to properly shuck oysters, oyster varieties, how to store them, when to eat them all while enjoying a glass of bubbles or wine.

One of the coolest things is that you can buy the oysters online and they will be delivered to your door! It’s a minimum of 4 dozen so make sure to get some friends to share! You can buy some here. Lisa (of Mahurangi Oysters) collaborated with Genevieve Knights, an Auckland based chef, and created their exclusive Oyster Mousse, a spread rich in texture and flavour.

Below: Lisa and Andrew telling us about their business fails and successes. It was truly such an authentic experience and as an entrepreneur I have a soft spot for local businesses and sharing their stories. If you’re an oyster enthusiast I hope you find yourself touring the Mahurangi Oyster farm one sunny afternoon while sipping a glass of sav.

This is not a sponsored post. I am merely sharing my own experience and hope you find it useful.