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The Perfect Presents for the Homemaker

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She’s the hostess for the mostest, the radiant light in a nest, the plating perfectionist, the living room idealist. She’s the closest thing to Martha Stewart that you personally know – a mother, a sister, a friend or a beau. Whatever she does is gracious and wonderful, and this holiday season is just the perfect celebration to acknowledge her work. How to find the perfect item that will satisfy her decorating inclination? Here’s the secret: the key to a homemaker’s heart is what else but her home!

Here are 5 perfect gifts for that special woman of the world

Tea Light Holder in Blue Lustre Glass

Let her embrace dreams of hygge with this lovely little tealight holder. Made with lustre glass then paired off with a wooden holder, this item brings a new sense of cosy in any space. We adore its minimalist charm; it could be perfect on its own, but makes a dashing impact when decorated along with other candlelight holders. Tastefully simple and elegant, this accessory will find its place to any motif in every home.

Light Cotton Towels

One can never have too much towels, especially if they are THESE towels. Made from Turkish long-fibre cotton, chosen for their durability and smoothness, these towels work perfectly as drapes, beach covers, poolside throws, and more. Choose from five lovely colours that could easily fit into one’s aesthetics: beige, olive, brown, black and burgundy. Proudly woven with OEK TEX yarns, you’re also putting money into sustainability with these hand-loomed pieces.

Star Vase in Nude Matte

Nothing screams aesthetics than a charming little vase, such as this one. Beautifully crafted with geometric carvings, the Star Vase reminds you of the brightest constellations in the might, traced along with its lines. Put it together with smooth alabaster flasks or glossy ceramics – any mundane shelf will look outstanding with this gorgeously curious art.

Northland Sea Photo Print

There’s no better way to decorate a coastal-inspired room than bringing in the sight of the sea. This framed print helms a lovely photograph of the Northland Sea at Cape Reinga, capturing the with froths atop the blue waves and the misty horizon of the blue sky. Imbibe a tropical vibe in your recipient’s home with this calming photograph that will whimsically linger in their dreams for a long time.

Large Cotton Throw in Mustard

Instantly lift up a room’s droopy spirit with this soft-spun cotton throw. Drape it anywhere around the house: on a favourite couch, on a bed, on one’s working desk, or in a nook where children can snuggle and read their favourite books. This lovely tasselled piece comes with a textured woven design, giving you a rich sense of handmade love. It’s a perfect gift for homeowners on a rush to beautify a space, and they will surely thank you for it.

Enchant your beloved homemaker with these 5 amazing gifts, and reward her hard-work and creativity with additional ways of embellishing her nest with. For more gifts – and gifting tips – head over to our journal and read more!