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Finding Authenticity in Your Decor and Style

Do you go the extra mile to source out creative ideas or do you settle for the first thing you find in bulk? For those of you who value an authentic voice and your own identity, purchasing mass produced art is simply a shortcut to home decorating.

Why mass-produced art makes your décor uninspiring and how to go original instead

Your home reflects your own tastes and histories. And actually, people notice and appreciate your style more than the others’ because it’s unique, authentic, and inspired.

8 Winter Must Haves in NZ | Get Pampered

Winter time is about creating cosy and warm atmosphere at home: reading a book on a rainy afternoon or having friends over for dinner and drinks by the fire. Candles are great for setting the mood and ambience. Here are a few tips on how to shop for quality candles

Paper Sculptures | Behind the Scenes

Working with a limited color palette pushed me to try new color schemes every time. It felt good to know I had limited options so I could motivate myself to come up with something new.

Ladies Drawing Night AKL

Have you ever heard of the 72 hour rule? It implies that the longer you put something off the less likely it is that you’ll do it. It doesn’t mean that you have to drop everything and focus on that one thing, but it is generally a good idea to take action and schedule the next steps. When you postpone something for more than 72 hours you’ve usually found other distractions or given up on the idea.